I hear you thinking: “Who is this guy, saying he breaks in to Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook?!”.
Well, my name is Kieran Claessens, I’m a 19 years old student and I live in Gent a city in Belgium.
I’ve always been interested in how things work, and how they could possibly be optimized, I love to break things down to their core, and think about what I can do with it.
When people give me a present with some cool functionality, I tend to be more interested in the engineering that’s behind it.
I’m a sceptical guy towards information security as it is nowadays, but I see a lot of companies turning the tide and I just love helping them to do it.
Hacking is a passion, and before you start thinking I’m spying on your texts, Facebook messages and eh… other stuff 😉 , yes I’m a white hat hacker.
I’m that kind of hacker that finds security leaks in websites, and reports it to the vendor.

If you have more questions, or just want to go on a date, contact me on this e-mail address: . 🙂